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    Total brake job cost/estimate?
    I have a 1994 Ford Explorer 4WD that will need a total brake job(master cylinder,rotors,brake pads on front and back) Can anyone who is in the know about these things give me an estimate,and where is a reliable place to have it done in the Milwaukee,WI area?
    Thanks much.

    • ANSWER:
      Check with reputable brake shops (e.g. Midas).

      drag1line is either not reading your entire post, or is living in another decade. To do rotors, pads, calipers, master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear drums, and everything else involved in a “total” brake job is going to be significantly more than 100 bucks in parts, and likely about 1200-1500 in a shop. If your drums and rotors are in good shape, cut that back by about 200-300 bucks, as they can machine them.

    how much should a brake job cost on a 2001 Chevy Blazer?
    I was told by my car dealer that I needed a complete brake job on my 2001 Chevy Blazer, 95,000 miles. It would be front and rear,( turn the rotors ? ). How much should this cost me? Not exact maybe just an estimate. Please help before I spend to much. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      At a car dealer probably about 0.00 You can do it yourself for about .00….#########

    How much does a total brake job cost for Saturn SL?
    Just trying to estimate the costs before I take it in.

    • ANSWER:
      all depends what needs done, might need new rotors or rear drums if they can’t be turned so you really can’t say for sure what the brake job will cost but shops advertise per axle and you have 2 axles and that price is if everything is in good shape.

    How much should a 1985 Mercedes 300D front brake job cost?
    Meineke gave me an estimate of around 0.00 for parts and labor. They say it needs calipers, rotors, and the pads. I have the pads–I took it in because the brake pad warning light came on, and I got those cheap. But there’s no way I can afford an 0 repair bill. Any suggestions on where I can get cheaper parts and/or labor?

    They told me that the main reason for the expense is the calipers–something like 0.00 for the pair. Is that a fairly accurate estimate? Any help would be fantastic.

    • ANSWER:
      is the caliper frozen? you should not replace calipers unless brake piston is frozen. And even if it is, you can get rebuild kit for and rebuild. Is your car pulling to one side while braking? Also there is no reason to replace the both calipers. You just replace the one that is bad.

      Quality rotors run about each, and should take about 0 – 0/side for installation. Amount of parts and labor involved, I don’t think estimate is way off. However, I would verify that you need them first by getting a second opinion.

      BTW : Nice car. Take a good care of that baby. That would be Mercedes 5 cylinder diesel engine with W123 body. One of the best car Mercedes ever produced.

    Ford Excursion Brake Job Cost?
    I dropped my Excursion off at a local shop and they called me with an estimate of 1500 for a brake job and a new front tie rod on one side. Does this sound like too much?? thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      It does sound like a lot. The majority of the price is calculated as the cost of labor. If I were you, I’d search around town for a better price, or do the job myself.