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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much would a complete brake job on the front end of my car roughly cost, for a 01 CRV?
    My rear is fine, but the front of course needs new brake pads, possibly rotors, and possibly calipers, how much(very roughly) would it cost if i took it to a meineke or somewhere like that? I have got a 01 honda crv if that helps any.
    I thought the avg life of calipers ran about 90k or so, and im well around 93

    • ANSWER:
      what did you do that makes you think you may need calipers on a 2001?

      front end brake job avg is 0

      check prices on pads at your local parts stores

      i have a 96 chevy with 204,000 miles on it and it still has the original rotors and calipers.

      you would only need to replace them if you “burnt” your front disks or ran your pads down to the backing plate and severely overheated your brakes.

      a brake job at Meineke should cost less than 0

    Rubbing noise when braking down steep hills?

    I recently had a brake job done on my 98 Honda CRV. The front rotors and pads were changed out. Everything seems fine, but when I am going down really steep hills I get a low vibrating noise that shakes the car. I haven’t had the rear drum brakes checked. Could they be the culprit or is it something due to the front brake job? The brakes seem to work fine under normal braking.

    • ANSWER:
      its worth checking the rear brakes but it sounds like wrapped disc’s to me

    2000 Honda CRV new tires causing braking problems. affects pedal feel and braking reaction?
    Ok, so mother took car in to get bad/bald tires replaced, also did an alignment job. Brought it home and this is what i got. Honda CRV AWD new front tires not matched to the old rears (rears are running at 44 psi per spec SUV/truck tire, front are passenger tire rated at 35 psi) you can tell, they are a hard compund tire.

    Could this affect the pedal feel and braking reaction if the tires are mis-matched like this on an AWD car?
    Also if the car is running mismatched can it cause any problems with front or read differential or transfer case?
    or is there any reason why installing new tires would cause or increase noise from rearend (trans / diff)?

    I mean i know it’s expected to get more road noise from some new tires, but i have never had it affect brakes like this, just leaves me stumped. Oh, and FYI breaks themselves are are ok, very little feathering but still good solid pedal feel and fluid levels.
    heres a side by side comparrison of the tires

    the revelation is the ones she got for the front, the assurance is whats currently on the back

    • ANSWER:
      Ummm, your first problem is the inflation pressure. Your CRV uses a P205/70R15 tire with a load index of 95. Honda recommends an inflation pressure of 26 psi front and rear, not 35/44 psi. That 26 psi does not change if you put different tires on the vehicle so long as they are the same size (P205/70R15) with the same load index (95). This information can be found on a small tag inside the drivers door fraem.

      I know what your thinking: “but it says inflate to 35 psi on the one set of tires and 44psi on the sidewall on the other set”.

      No it doesn’t.

      This is a very common mistake. What is says on the tire is “maximum inflation pressure” not “recommended inflation pressure”. That is a safety warning, a “not to exceed” pressure not a recommendation. All Passenger-Metric tires in the old days had max pressures of 35 psi. In the last few years that has changed with many newer models going to 41 or 44 psi max inflation pressures. But that is irrelevant for this vehicle. The air in the tire is what carries the weight of the vehicle and it doesn’t matter what brand or model of tire you have, 26 psi is enough for this particular car with this size of tire. Gross overinflation reduces the contact patch of the tire reducing traction and increasing braking distances, makes the tires more susceptible to damage from impacts such as curbs and pot holes and will cause them to wear out faster. And it makes the car ride like crap.

      Secondly, you NEVER replace 2 TIRES on a AWD vehicle, ever. Not because of braking issues but because having mis-matched tires with AWD can lead to severe damage in the transfer case which can cost several thousand dollars to repair. So the answer to your question is yes, this can cause damage. The shop that replaced just 2 tires on this vehicle should’nt be trusted to top off your windshield washer fluid, let alone install tires on a vehicle. There have only been hundreds of lawsuits because of this so its not like they shouldn’t know better. Also, when replacing only 2 tires the new tires should ALWAYS be installed on the rear axle, not the front axle. This is the recommendation of every tire company – another reason this shop should not be trusted. Michelin just lost a million lawsuit because one of their shops didn’t do this, so again, any knowledgeable shop that cares about what it is doing should know better. A major outlet (and Michelin dealer) like this should certainly know better.

      As for your braking issue, new tires will not effect pedal feel but of course they can effect stopping ability. Everything your car does comes down to those 4 little patches of rubber on the road and not all are created equal. Tires of different moels/brands and with different amounts of wear will have different performance characteristics.

      My advice would be to get 2 more MATCHING tires installed before any damage is done, inflate them properly to 26 psi and have the alignment re-checked. All of this should be done of course at a shop that knows something about tires, unlike the last one. Then see how it drives.

    What is the best car to buy for someone with low back pain?
    I get low back pain when I drive. I’ve had a medical workup. Physical therapy, cushions while driving, frequent brakes, and proper body position all help. I still get some back pain, however. I’m taking a job that requires driving 45 minutes to work. Sadly, public transportation is not an option. What is the best car to drive? I’m 6 feet tall. The best car I’ve driven (for my back) was an old Chevy station wagon with bench seats. The worst was an old Honda Civic. We currently own a Honda CRV – still gives me back pain. Ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      The best kind of car would be something with cushy suspension that puts ride quality far above handling. Think “old people cars” , i.e. Buick, Lincoln, Cadillac, etc.