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Essentiality of Maintenance in Hyundai Accent

Author: Tarunkumar

Hyundai brand is worldwide famous for the quality and reliability of its products and they are the key factors in making the people take a wise purchasing decision. Hyundai automobiles are carefully designed and built to supply years of satisfied performance, minimum maintenance and wonderful driving experience. With outstanding engineering, the Hyundai cars are loved and appreciated for their output and overwhelming mileage. But surely one thing that need not to be ignored by the proud owner is the timely and regular Hyundai accent maintenance.

Hyundai Accent, named the most dependable sub-compact car way back in 2008 deserves the title but in order to maintain the same the maintenance is equally very essential. The regular upkeep includes replacement and replenishment of various fluids present in the car like engine oil, brake fluids, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc. This is required in order to obtain high level of performance, fuel economy, safety and reliability from the brand Hyundai.

Another important point one must remember is to follow the maintenance guidelines specified by Hyundai with an aim to protect your valued investment and also to uphold the warranty coverage. Hyundai also exclaims that the owners must strictly visit authorized dealers for all service and maintenance because the dealerships are fully equipped with specialized tools and factory trained technicians. Above all authorized dealers offer Hyundai replacement parts with a one year unlimited mileage warranty with a fine objective to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any type of required assistance.

But in case if you prefer to maintain your Hyundai Accent yourself or at a nearest service station feasible for you other than an authorized Hyundai dealer, then make sure all fluids and materials used in your Accent meet Hyundai standards for durability and performance. Just like Hyundai, every brand recommends to keep the copies of all service and maintenance records for further tallying. It’s a good practice to record the timely service and maintenance details in a log book or journal so that you are aware about the next schedule. You must go through the Owner’s Manual as everything is clearly mentioned in the same specially the detailed information about the servicing and maintenance.

Hence, the conclusion is that the Hyundai Accent maintenance is very essential irrespective of any variant you own to withstand its power as well as performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    where can i find detailed info on a front brake job for a hyundai accent??
    need to install front brake pads on Hyundai Accent

    • ANSWER:
      I use the factory repair manual, usually around 500.00 from the dealer or I have seen some Cd’s on line. If you are excited in doing repair on your car, I suggest having a mechanic friend show it to you once and let you do one side on your own. Just watch him complete the first side so you have a reference of what it should look like if you get in a jam. The money you will save in the long run is priceless. Expect to buy some really cool tools to help you out, but the satisfaction of you knowing the job was done correctly will be well worth it.

    Hyundai 99 Sonada Brake Job?
    Does anyone know the cost for a brake job, the car has ABS, also it has 70K on it and this would be the first time anything is done on the brakes.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, it depends on what you need done, but we’ll just assume the basic’s here. At this point your brake fluid is black as tar and fried, so you’ll need a fluid exchange (), your brake pads all need replacing for pads + 1.5 hours labor (5) including brake adjustment. So, total you likely need to spend about 5. They may want to turn or resurface your rotors for an additional charge, I’d probably decline this service and check the price of rotors on ebay, often rotors for late model cars cost less then having them resurfaced.

    Brake job question?
    I have a 2001 Hyundai Accent with about 104,000 miles. Juts got a brake job, basically, a brake reconstruction: new rotors and pads, read shoes, drums, cylinder.

    The whole thing cost me 0 including tax. Obviously, I don’t know much about cars…did I pay too much?

    • ANSWER:
      brakes are vital for safety
      better qustion is how much is your life worth?

    front brake on 03 hyundai tiburon?
    i went to pep boys and they told me i need to fix my front brakes. they told me i have about 30% left on my front brakes and i should change it today. so i was like okay how much does cost to fix it? and they go 0…. are you serious? i mean if i have 30% left on my brakes i dont even have to change rotors right? is it cost that much to just fix pads? where should i go to get the cheapest and reliable job done?

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of shops (WANT) to replace pads, rotors, calipers even if some are not in bad shape, their reason is if you replace all you will brakes like the day it was made. Watch out for these outfits, get a second opinion.

    Clutch job on 2001 Hyundai Accent requires what?
    I love my cheap car and now it needs a new clutch. I have had it replace before by the the dealer because the rocker bearing went out and was under warranty… I had to pay 0. for the rest of the job. Now that the car is no longer under warranty, I am looking around for quotes. I have gotten 00 – 0. Now I am a girl and no very little about cars, but I do know that mechanics try to talk me into repairs that weren’t necessary (I find out later). The 1100.00 guy said that all the clutch components need to be new and replaced (he’s never even seen the car). The other guy didn’t say much other than resurfacing the fly wheel. I want to know what do they need to replace and what do they need to adjust (as in resurface, or like a brake rotor gets turned). I don’t mind paying more for the right job but I don’t want to over spend on my cheap car either. Oh also I don’t have any mechanic friends and cannot work on the car myself.

    • ANSWER:
      LTS (labor time standards) recommend 4.7 hours for labor to replace clutch component. Multiply 4.7 with the shop rate and you get the shop labor charges (should not be more than 0.00 depending on labor rate). Clutch kit is recommended to be entirely replaced-roughly 0.00 +/- (give or take). Kit contains: pressure plate, friction disc and release bearing. Once transmission is removed, the flywheel should be inspected. If hot spots (blue marks) are present on the friction section, the flywheel should be machined to eliminate potential clutch shudders. Machining flywheel should not exceed .00.

      Ultimately, you might be looking somewhere between 0 to 0 for this job (plus applicable local taxes).

      Hope this will give you the best answer.