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Supervision of coca-cola accused of illegal employment of labor involved in the investigation

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Company affiliated companies accused of illegal employment in the event there is a high degree of attention by the media, the labor inspection department has been involved in the investigation.

HC food industry network Recently, Coca-Cola (China) Company subsidiary company has been accused of illegal employment of the event by media attention, the labor department has been monitoring the investigation. Earlier, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou nine students entering into the identity of ordinary factory workers, on three delicious Coke Bottling plant six suppliers were investigated. Later, students survey the group published a 28-page investigation report, the report said Coca-Cola, “the most serious problem is that the highest concentration of long-term, heavy use of dispatched workers.” Dispatched workers are often doing the most dangerous hard, hardest working, the longest working hours, wages were low, but also in arrears or deduction. The report came out, and immediately caused a great uproar.

Yang Zheng Jun, Central University graduate, college students represent one of the investigation team. At first, he is responsible for investigating Coca-Cola bottler in Dongguan Co., Ltd..

Reporter: What is the most important issue?

Yang: sending work problems. Reporter: What do you think the factual basis?

Young: in Hangzhou, using the ratio of dispatched workers over 90%.

Reporter: survey Dongguan company? Yang: It’s problem is work-related injuries, workers enough to eat.

Yang Zheng Jun said that Coca-Cola bottling plant to send a lot of work experience working in more than 2 years, even up to 10 years. This is a serious violation of labor contract law. In addition, the investigation group of college students published the “Coca-Cola Report” also noted that the extraction Hangzhou Food Co., the serious problem is long-term heavy use of dispatch workers, up to 90%, and forced workers to sign a “termination of the contract agreement.” Swire Guangdong Coca-Cola Co., more than 11% deduction of wages, Coca-Cola bottler and the company workers were injured nobody production in Dongguan, enough to eat, food very poor. Swire Coca-Cola Company, Huizhou, Guangdong long overtime, up to a maximum of 150 hours per month, Shanghai Shen-Mei Beverages Food Co., Ltd. illegal fees charged into the plant from 100 to 600 yuan. Report to the Coca-Cola bottling plant and several suppliers listed a total of as many as 29 illegal illegal project.

However, for these accusations, Coca-Cola has denied several companies. Coca-Cola China North District Public Affairs and Communications Director Zhai Mei Mountain, said: “We have also carried out self-examination, they are inconsistent with the facts.”

Reporter: Do you completely deny all the accusations?

Zhai Mei Mountain: can not use the word right. “Total denial” the word we do not seem sincere, but also too sensitive, they are not true. A dozen other reporters

be at the news, Hangzhou labor surveillance detachment has been on illegal employment of the most serious Hangzhou Zhongcui Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. launched an investigation, expected to come within a week Jie Lun.

It is understood that the National Federation of Social Security Minister Shou town in response to this incident, said they are watching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    brake labor hours and parts cost total?
    total cost of brake job on 1987 p30 1ton vin w 14 bolt axle full floating-has leaking wheel cylinder, im guessing need pair of cylinders ,shoes,and passing on the drums.labor per hour .00. Im guessing 0 tops.

    • ANSWER:
      Your guess should be pretty close. Shoes,
      and wheel cylinders can run in the area of
      300, so it becomes a close amount to your
      guess with the labor, and the seals. That is
      if they can do the job in a couple of hours,
      and the seals are not an exorbitant cost.
      To be on the safe side a top calculation
      might be up to 550, though.

      I have noticed on my dump truck that
      the wheel cylinders cost less than do the
      shoes, but the shoes can run about 200
      for the rear.

      A good shop that can do the job fast can
      keep the labor cost down for you. And a
      reasonably good price would be in the
      400 range.

    Labor time for front brake job for 97 Ford Ranger?
    Can someone tell me what the published labor time is for a front brake job on a 97 Ford Ranger. The job includes replacing the Rotors, Pads and Grease Seals. I got an outragous quote of 3 which was broken down as the following.
    4 – 2 hours labor
    0 – 2 new rotors
    – front pads
    – grease seals

    I’m going to get other quotes, I think labor and rotors are out of line. Can someone help me out and let me know what is reasonable.

    • ANSWER:
      They all go be a flat rate manual and if the book says 2 hours that’s what they charge. so it would be 2 hours, so it’s right. However you might find a place that is cheaper, try small garages and franchise brake shops.

    How much would it cost for 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8 complete brake job ?
    All 4 Calipers, 4 Rotors, and 4 sets of pads. Bleed system.
    @ 0 an hour labor
    Could you estimate?

    • ANSWER:
      close to 00 bucks if its professional with a warrenty but if you go to a local shop It would be about 00 to 00.

      Are you sure you need calipers? I have stock calipers on all me Jeeps that date back to 78 and they are all fine.

    brake job for motorhome on p30 chassis?
    whats the average brake job cost on 1987 p30 1 ton dual wheel vin w has a leaking wheel cylinder. might need 2 cylinders, shoes and seals for axles ? also total hours . if labor costs is 55 a hour

    • ANSWER:
      its gonna be about a five hr job 5.00 parts are estimated at 0.00.00 if it doesn’t need brake drums

    Reasonable cost for rear brake job?
    My brakes were squealing when I used them while going in reverse, so I took my car to a Les Schwab. I was told the calipers for the rear brakes needed replacing, and possibly a rotor. I hardly know anything about cars, I was expecting them to say something about the brake pads…wouldn’t they need replacing too?

    They’re charging 5 for an hour of labor and 0 for each caliper (2 need replacing). Is that reasonable? My car is a 1999 Honda Accord EX.

    • ANSWER:
      The price seems high to me ,get a few estimates from different shops.
      Whatever you do stay out of the dealer ,I last checked on parts costs by percentage of mark up and it seems dealers average a 60% mark up on all parts .
      It also seems early to have to have to need calipers so soon.Someone is looking to make a quick bill off of you it sounds like to me.
      Don’t be talked into unnecessary parts or expenses get the facts first .
      I will bet a rotor cutting,and pad change will suffice with a calliper cleaning of mating surfaces and caliper sliders.