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One of the most popular gifts this season was the leather-covered pad. It holds the standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ lined letter sized pad. There are also pockets for your pen, business cards and additional papers that you may wish to carry with you. These cases are available in every type of leather from the inexpensive split cowhides to the elegant calfskins. They can be embossed with a company name or logo and make ideal corporate gifts. They also can be individually monogrammed for that personal touch. They are the perfect accompaniment to meetings, seminars, and anywhere note taking is useful. Mom’s can use them at PTA meetings, soccer coaches can use them at games, and busy executives always have one in front of them at a meeting. You’ll rarely see a lawyer without one. These handy pad covers fit inside your briefcase or attachA© case. They also can be easily tucked under your arm and carried alone. There are models with zippered closures for just that reason. You’ll also find multiple file pockets in the zippered models.

These cases are available from many different brands and with many different leathers, features and pocket arrangements. These handy leather cases look great on your desk and when carried. Dilana Leathergoods makes a turned edge soft nappa case that is wonderful to the touch. Vantaggio makes them in a hand-stained polished Italian cowhide. Tumi makes them in their distinctive cowhide. Bosca makes both the zippered and regular versions in their many different leather finishes. Colors range from your standard black, to the newest of the cognac colors with everything in between. Ladies have a choice of many colors including pink and red, besides the standard blacks and browns. You can either match your briefcase or contrast. Lodis Leathergoods makes their ladies line of briefcases with matching leather pad covers in bright colors such as turquoise and caramel. These are certainly fun as well as practical. You can pack any of these pad covers in your lightweight luggage and use it to take notes on your trip.

Larger sizes that hold the “old” legal sized pads are still available. These will take the 11″ x 14″ size pad. Although they are longer, they will still fit inside most briefcases and attachA© cases. These are available in larger zippered sizes and often have more pockets available. Some of these cases will have additional sections on the back. There are lots of organizational pockets in the larger versions. A smaller size is also handy. These hold the popular junior pads in the 6″ x 8″ size. They have a pen pocket and multiple places for receipts, etc. This is often one of your favorite travel accessories as you can keep track of your schedule and jot down time changes. There’s also plenty of room to keep important papers and write up your expenses later.

If you require a three ring binder, they are available in the zippered model of the leather pad cover or pad folio. This case can hold any loose-leaf paper inserts as well as photo pockets. They are very valuable to the home improvement industry as well as to anyone in the real estate field. The loose- leaf inserts can be changed as the need arises. Styles that have calculators inside are wonderful for contractors and decorators. It’s easy to see why these are so popular as gifts. Everything is handy and kept in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some good oem replacement brake pad brands?
    Just looking for some that will work good on a hyundai.

    • ANSWER:
      i almost stopped doing brakes way to many complaints about squeaky noises from brakes
      they were raybestos also i had a lot of brake shoes linings come loose or unglued
      it was bad
      so i looked and tries several brands
      auto zone junk
      pepboys junk
      i herd napa had a good one i never tried
      i found Wagner thurmoquiet works great they are quiet last a long time and wont turn your wheels black like auto zone ones did

    What are the top brands of brake pads for cars.?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Brembo , 2. Bosch , 3. Bendix

    Do brake brands really matter?
    The brake pads on my ’95 camaro are at about 40% so I’m looking to change them soon. I drive my car a lot, about 50 miles every day going back and forth from school to work and back home.

    Do brake pad brands really matter? I’m talking about metallic brake pads only, not ceramic so please make suggestions on metallic brake brands.

    • ANSWER:
      When people ask me about brake pads such as “Brake Best” cerametallic
      pads or .95 one year warranty pads, I tell them to go to the Parts Store
      and ask about the brake pads… they will offer you a cheeep set for .95
      or a lifetime set for 18.95 or the premium set with low dust and no squeal
      for 34.95 and now you must decide for yourself… Cheap Brakes give poor
      performance and eat up your rotors.. spend and get the good stuff…
      be safe..

    What is a good brand for brake pads and shoes?
    I have mechanic that will changes my brake pads and shoes for me, but I wanted to purchase the parts in advance. What is a good brand to buy? Not looking for anything over priced. Just quality, reasonably priced pads and shoes for my 2000 ford taurus lx.
    I am purchasing these parts online and don’t want to base the decision soley on which is the cheapest. I would rather pay a little extra and get quality parts. I don’t want to overpay for junk.

    • ANSWER:
      Try Raybestos brand. They offer several grades and they are well regarded in the industry.

    What brand of brake pads do you like?
    What brand of brake pads do you like?

    • ANSWER: