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Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I get new brake pads at Meineke, dealership or a Mom and Pop shop?
    Meineke charges (just for brakes and labor) 0 for 6 months, 0 for a year and 0 for lifetime. Would a Mom and Pop shop do better quality work? Should I get it done through a dealership? Or can I do this myself? It’s a 2001 Toyota Camry.

    • ANSWER:
      If you can read a manual, like a Chiltons for your year car and you dont mind buying a few tools you could do it yourself and save a lot of money. When you go to a store like NAPA or some other car parts store you will find that most brake pads you buy have a lifetime warranty or a for the life of the car warranty. If you have not been in need of brakes for a while and damaged your rotors then all you need to do is replace the pads and that is easy enough with a manual and the right tools, if you need to have your rotors “turned” most parts stores can tell you where there is a machine shop you can take them to hand have that done as well for a serious discount from what the places you mentioned will charge. If you feel you cant do it, find a mom and pop shop and take your car to them, be an informed consumer, read a bit and tell them you want to be there while they look at the car and really you should watch them to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, anywhere you go that is a great personal policy to have, all too many times people especially women are taken advantage of when it comes to car servicing simply because they are not well informed and have to trust what they are being told. Most important as I said, be an informed consumer, not only with your car but in everything, its s time for pinching pennies, pinch your own so that no one else can pinch them for you!!

    Does it matter if I I use non-toyota brake pads and rotors on my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
    I need to replace my brake pads and rotors because the rotors are warped. I just changed my pads a year ago at meineke, without changing the rotors…

    • ANSWER:
      Use Toyota pads or Akebono pads..

      Rotors should be Toyota or US made stuff..

      Is the Meinekee stuff worth the time?
      Did they lube the caliper slides appropriately?

      What is the price difference with aftermarket?

    Place to change the brake pads?
    I live in L.A. and would like to know which place is good to change the brake pads, Between AAMCO.,Meineke, Midas, and Allen Tire Co.

    • ANSWER:
      I have never been a fan of muffler shops performing brake jobs. Take a look at the Car Talk mechanics files to see if there is a recommended mechanic in your area. The Mechanics Files is a database of over 16,000 great mechanics, recommended by and for the Car Talk community.

    Where to change Brake Pads/rotors for my 2007 Honda Civic?
    My brakes are getting worn out. I think I need to change the Brake pads. The mileage is 38000 (I have already changed the rotors and pads at 15000). So my question is
    Do I do it at Honda Service or Meineke or Advance Auto Parts. Can someone please suggest the best place for Brake services and also their experiences. Btw I’m at Columbia, MD
    Also please recommend any other good brake specialists

    • ANSWER:
      Any place is fine. I know Merlin’s has a really good deal where you get free pads for 200k and rotors for 25k (must pay labor). Honda is more expensive.

    My new front brake pads keeps squeaking every time I am at a bumper to bumper traffic. Why does it do that?
    I replaced them last year through Meineke and twice now I’ve had to take them back because of this noise. And now it’s happening again. It seems to only happen when I’m going at a slow speed and I push on my brakes, like when I am driving through traffic. I’m wondering maybe that’s why they have a lifetime warranty on their brakes. What could it be? Did I get screwed and should have taken it somewhere else?

    • ANSWER:
      most newer cars have shims and or hardware for front pads. A lot of the time brake shops either throw them away and or do not clean them and grease the back of the pad when re installing them.

      90% of the time brake noise is harmonics from the pad contacting the rotor and or pad vibrating in caliper. have your brakes check by another shop and see if shims are missing or pads were not greased befiore installing.