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Looking for Brake Repair in Marietta GA?  Fred Gagnon here the owner of NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair.

If your vehicle isn’t stopping like it should, then please don’t hesitate, bring it into NAPA’s Premier Service Center – West Cobb located at 1280 Powder Springs Rd for an inspection of your car’s brakes!

Call me first for an appointment at 770-428-2520 almost always we can get you in and out in the same day.

A good operating brake system is definitely the most important component in your vehicle. I can’t emphasize this enough… absolutely nothing else even comes close in importance.  From brake pads to hydraulic ABS systems, we provide full service for brake system repair and maintenance on your vehicle’s brake system.

Problems with your vehicle’s brakes can be very serious and delaying to bring it in until there is a clear problem may just make the problem worse.

Bring your vehicle to us for a braking system inspection at the very first hint of trouble. Our brake repair technicians will examine your car brakes and let you know exactly what the problem is.

If your vehicle isn’t stopping like it should, don’t hesitate, bring it into NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA  today for an inspection of your vehicle’s brakes!

Our trained technicians will evaluate your vehicle’s needs, answer any questions and review your options.

Here’s a quick explaination of what’s involved in an Inspection and Brake Service:

Brak System Inspection

Every brake service should start with an inspection. We take inspecting brakes very serious, as it should be.  Our inspections are very thorough and always consist of checking the complete system for proper performance. Even the condition of the brake fluid is tested.

A Brake Inspection Consists Of:

1. A road test to check on brake operation

2. A wheels-off inspection to measure brake pad and rotor thickness. Every brake rotor and pad has a spec with regard to thickness to ensure safe operation. When they are outside this measurement, they are not safe for continued use.

3. Measuring the thickness of the brake material to determine if it is above a minimum thickness. The brake pads not only provide the necessary friction, but also help dissipate heat. If pads are too thin, they cannot perform these two important functions.

4. Inspecting the brake calipers for damage as in torn dust boots, sticking pistons, etc. If the brake calipers are not performing as designed, they will not allow enough force to be applied to the brake pads to stop the vehicle.

At a minimum, a brake repair should consist of cleaning, inspecting and lubricating the brake hardware and components}. In most cases, this would also include machining brake drums and rotors.

It is important to understand that the procedures I’ve just explained are not performed with most “cheap” brake service shops.

Lastly, the brake repair should include installation of new brake materials that meet or exceed the original design specifications.

The quality of the brake parts used in a brake job is another critically important aspect of the brake repair service to be considered. There are lower-cost brake rotors and drums out there that are made of low-quality metal and improperly heat treated. If inferior quality components are used, they will not allow the vehicle’s brakes to operate within the design requirements. Stopping distance increases.

For instance, if a vehicle is designed to go from 60 mph to Zero mph in 160 ft, with low quality parts that distance can increase to 200 feet or more. This could mean the difference between no accident and a serious accident.

A correctly performed brake repair should do what is needed to allow the brakes to perform as they were designed for. A “cheap” brake repair one not done correctly or done with low-quality parts – or both may result in your vehicle not being able to stop in time to avoid an accident}.

In short, deciding where to get your brakes repaired should not be based solely on the cost. Keep in mind, it is important to have a brake inspection performed first, in order to get a realistic estimate for the proper repair. For such an important and potentially life-saving procedure, it is best to stick with a shop you know and trust.

Here’s an explanation of some of the major components that are addressed in our brake inspections at NAPA’s Premier Service Center.

Brake Pads
Sometimes the brake repair will involve replacing the brake pads. Our customers tell us they love our always quite, long lasting NAPA Brake Pads. We never use the sub standard built-for-price brake pads.

Brake Rotors and Drums
Resurface of the brake rotors or even drums is always included in our brake service. If this resurfacing were not included it would most certainly guarantee the rotors would become warped before the next set of pads are worn out.  If a new brake rotor or drum is required to be replaced, your can rest assured that the actual rotor or drum chosen is first-rate quality.

Brake Fluid Flush
We provide brake fluid flush with the BG FlushMachine. As soon as it is flushed with this machine it will pass a chemical test for 2 years (2 years is the normal life span for brake fluid). Old brake fluid causes problems from leaks, sticking calipers to longer stopping distances. Old brake fluid can also lead to other unnecessary brake system} repair.

ABS System
If your ABS Light comes on, you’ll need brake service. We can provide the necessary diagnostic testing to find the problem.

To summarize:

* Removal, inspection as well as replacement of brake pads and shoes

* Replacement or resurfacing of rotors only after proper inspection

* Brake fluid flush – recommended every 2 years

* Cleaning and adjusting the brakes

* Anti lock brake system diagnostics and repair

Why You Should Choose NAPA’s Premier Service Center for Your Brake Work?

* Same day service on 98% of all brake jobs.

* Free local Marietta shuttle service – to and from your home and work

* All work is guaranteed by NAPA’s  Nationwide Warranty – 12 month /12,000 miles

* We use only the best brake parts available, usually top quality NAPA Brakes.

* Our auto repair technicians trained and professional – ASE certified

* Quality Service in Marietta GA for 18 years!

* Our trained technicians will assess your vehicle’s needs, answer any questions and review your options with you.  We only recommend the work that needs to be done.  No fancy sales games… no high pressure sales tactics.

I hope this helps and my team an I look forward to seeing you for your Brake Repair in Marietta.

Best Regards,

Fred Gagnon
Owner / Operator
NAPAs Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA
1280 Powder Springs Rd
Marietta, GA 30064


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