Differential Fluid Transmission Fluid

1998 Chevy s10 zr2 ext cab 3rd door - 00 (endwell)

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Differential Fluid & Transmission Fluid really Need Changing?
    Hi There,
    After all these years of changing my differnetial fluid and transmission fluid in my Niissan truck a mechanic tells me i do not need to change either one but if i do change these fluids, do so at least 100,000.00 miles not every 30,000.00 miles. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Tranny fluid needs to be changed for sure. If it gets hot then it will not work any more. If you tow you need to change it more often. Dif fluid will last 100k miles but I usually change it at 30-50k just to be safe.

    How often should transmission fluid and differential fluid be changed?
    I have a 2003 Ford Ranger, if that matters. I know these are not supposed to be changed at the same time necessarily but I was told every oil change for the differentil fluid and about every 50,000 miles for the transmission fluid.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah changing the transmission fluid every 50k miles should be fine it depends on how you drive it. and as far as changing the differential fluid is up to you some people don’t change it but its like any other oil it breaks down over time and should be changed, i change mine every 50k miles or so.

    Differential And Transmission Fluid?
    What kind of differential fluid, and transmission fluid does a 1996 Ford Explorer V6 4.0 Liter use?
    How can I check to see if my differentials are limited slip?

    • ANSWER:
      Tranny takes Mercon 3. Differential takes standard 80/90 weight oil. Dontforget the additive if you have a limited slip diff.

    how do i change the transmission fluid and differential fluid in a 1997 honda crv?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a 2000 auto and if yours is the same there is just a drain on the tranny, no filter to replace. Drain the tranny while it is warm, 3 L comes out. If it’s really bad or hasn’t been done in a long time, drain and fill again after a day or two of driving. You do this because you can’t get all the fluid out this way, doing it a second time gets more of the old fluid from the torque converter out. Another option is have a garage flush it out this way all the fluid comes out. Just remember to use Honda fluid only, no substitute, you have to get it from the dealer. Fill through the dip-stick tube using a long thin funnel.
      The rear diff holds only 1L, drain from the bottom drain plug again while warm, remove the upper fill plug to help drainage. Getting the fluid into the upper fill hole is a little tricky, I used a metal oil pump filled with the rear diff oil and pumped it in. Fill until the fluid starts to spill out. Again very important to get the fluid from the Honda dealer.
      Check out this forum, very good,

    Transmission and differential fluid change on Dodge Ram?
    How easy/ difficult is it to drain and replace the transmission and differential fluids on an 04 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4? Is is something I could do myself with little trouble, or would it be better to take it in and pay through the nose?

    • ANSWER:
      you got to drop the pan on the transmission to change the fluid and filter in it and they can be real hard to get to seal back up sometimes,the differential is easy,if your unsure about how to do it ,it might be a good idea to have someone do it,that’s usually two of the easier jobs to do on those trucks, purchase a repair manual on it and it will walk you through both processes,good luck with it.