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Here’s some tips on you Engine Cooling System Maintenance & Repair for Marietta GA.

An engine that’s getting too hot will rapidly self destruct, so proper upkeep of the cooling system is essential towards getting long life from your engine and also getting hassle free operation from the engine cooling system in general.

The most crucial maintenance item would be to flush and refill the coolant periodically.  We typically recommend every 2 years for most cars.

The reason behind this important service is the fact that anti-freeze has numerous chemicals that can prevent corrosion within the air conditioning.  This corrosion has a tendency to accelerate when several kinds of metal come into contact.  The corrosion causes scale that eventually accumulates and starts to clog the thin flat tubes within the radiator and napa antifreeze for engine cooling system repairs Marietta GAheater core. leading to the engine to eventually overheat.

The anti-corrosion chemicals within the antifreeze prevents this, but antifreeze protection has a limited life time.

More recent antifreeze formulations are promoted as lasting for five years or 150,000 miles before needing alternative.  These antifreezes are often red-colored in color and therefore are known to as “Extended Life” antifreeze.  GM continues to be using this coolant in most their automobiles since 1996.  The GM method is known as “Dex-Cool”.

Even with these “Extended Formulations” we routinely see problems with corrosion after about 3 to 4 years.

Most antifreeze utilized in automobiles however, is eco-friendly in color and really should be changed every 2 yrs or 30,000 miles, no matter which comes first.

You should always reverse-flush the engine cooling system when replacing antifreeze.  This involves special equipment and

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removing the thermostat to be able to get the job done correctly.  This kind of flush is particularly important when the old coolant looks brown or has scale or debris flowing through it.

Should you remove the thermostat during a reverse flush, you should always change it with a top quality new thermostat with the proper temperature rating.  It is inexpensive insurance.

The Nation’s Automotive Radiator Service Association (NARSA) suggests that drivers have a seven-point preventative engine cooling system maintenance check at least one time every 2 yrs. The seven-point program is made to identify any areas that require attention. It includes:

  1. A visible inspection of cooling system components, including devices and hoses
  2. A radiator pressure cap test to check on for that proper system pressure
  3. A thermostat inspection testing for proper operation
  4. A pressure test to identify any leaks in the engine cooling system parts such as the radiator, water pump, engine coolant passages, radiator and heater hoses and heater coreA fan test for proper operation
  5. A flush and refill with vehicle manufacturer’s suggested coolant formulation

Let us take these inspection services one at a time.

Visual Inspection

What you’re searching for is the health of the devices and hoses.  The radiator hoses and heater hoses are often over looked simply by opening the hood and searching.  You would like to be certain the hoses don’t have any cracking or splitting and that there’s no protruding or swelling.  If there’s any manifestation of problems, the hose ought to be changed using the correct part number for that year, brand name from the vehicle.  Never make use of a universal hose unless of course it’s an emergency along with a proper molded hose isn’t available.

Heater hoses are often straight runs and therefore are not molded, so a universal hose is okay to make use of for this application.

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Make certain that you employ the correct inside diameter for that hose being changed.  For either the radiator hoses or even the heater hoses, make certain that you simply route the alternative hose in the same manner the original hose was running.  Squeeze hose from any obstruction that may possibly damage it and try to use new hose clamps.  Once you refill the cooling system with coolant, perform a pressure test to make certain that you will find no leaks.

On most vehicles, the water pump is driven with a V belt or serpentine belt wound about the front of the engine.  Many times this is the same belt that’s driving the alternator, steering pump and ac compressor.  These belts do ware out and need to be inspected and replaced when they are worn.  You’re searching for dry cracking inside of the belt.

On later automobiles, water pump is frequently driven through the timing belt.  This belt normally has a particular life expectancy where over time it should be changed to insure that it doesn’t fail.

Because the timing belt is within the engine and can require partial engine disassembly to examine, it is crucial to replace it all in the correct interval (usually somewhere between 80 – 110K miles).  Because the labor to change this belt could be significant, it may be beneficial for you to change the water pump simultaneously with the belt change.  The reason being 90% off the labor to change a water pump is already completed when replace the timing belt.  It’s just good insurance to change the pump while things are apart.

Engine Cooling Flush and Refill

As you can replace old coolant by draining it and changing it with fresh coolant but this method is incomplete and not really appropriate for today’s vehicles. the proper method to correctly keep your engine cooling system running like new is to have the system power flushed.  Power flushing will remove all of the old coolant and take out any sediment and scale together with it.

bg power flush for engine cooling system maintenance Marietta GAPower flushing requires a special machine.  The process requires that the thermostat is taken out, the low radiator hose is disconnected, and also the flush machine is connected in line.

Antifreeze and additives are  pumped into the cooling system in a reverse path to the normal coolant flow.  This enables any scale to become loose and flow out.  Once the old antifreeze is released from the system, the hose is reconnected along with a new thermostat is installed.  Then your cooling system is filled again using the appropriate quantity of antifreeze.  For most automobiles the mix is made up of 50% antifreeze and 50% water.  In cooler environments, more antifreeze can be used, but must never exceed 75% antifreeze.  Look at your user guide for that proper methods and strategies for your automobile.

Well… I hope this give you some insight into what it takes to keep your engine cooling system properly maintained.

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