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Think you might need an Engine Tune Up in Marietta GA?

The term Tune up – is an old maintenance term that’s really not all that applicable today. With electronic ignition and fuel injection came computer engine management systems that all but eliminated the adjustments required to an engine of 20 or 30 years ago. In those days you could adjust the points (Haven’t seen many these in decades), make adjustments to the carburetor (Haven’t seen many of these either in decades).

Today vehicle engines require advanced equipment and training just to make any needed adjustments.  Today, technicians pretty much focus on the engine management computer and all its related sensors.

You are however, able to replace normal maintenance  and failed parts and with that see enhanced engine performance. Listed here are common maintenance parts you should replace as needed to considerably increase your vehicles performance and to prevent major problems:

Basic Ignition Parts

Spark Plugs: Spark plugs are great indications of an engines condition. Replacing or inspecting spark plugs can tell you lots about how exactly well the engine is running and what might be leading to problems.

Spark plugs on most vehicles should be removed and checked every 30,000 miles – even when your vehicle is classified as “low maintenance”.  Yes… even if you’re told to change spark plugs at 100,000 miles. I close inspection can identify worn spark plugs and by making a timely replacement prevent worn plugs from braking up within the block, leading to costly repairs in the future.

During an inspecion… we always note which plug originated from which cylinder. This can tell us if any particular cylinder has a ignition or mechanical problem. New spark plugs can really make a difference with your car’s performance but only when changed when needed and by using the appropriate plug.

Distributor Cap & Rotor: In recent years most vehicles have done away with the older distributor cap & rotors.  However if you’re driving a 10 year or older car these parts may exist and need to be inspected.

Both distributor cap and also the rotor are often plastic and, thus, deteriorate as they grow older. Cracks may develop, permitting moisture in. The metal contacts on may then corrode, leading to misfiring. These parts ought to be changed at suggested times or if showing any excessive put on.

Spark Plug Wire Sets: Spark plug wires have improved remarkably over the past 10 years. New materials and sizing have reduced failures. Electronic ignitions with coil over plugs have actually done away with the wire sets.

Your vehicles engine is really very sophisticated piece of equipment, and therefore, it takes some preventative maintenance to perform properly over the long run.  A tune up should really be thought of as a regularly scheduled chance, usually annually or every other year, to complete all the preventative maintenance that should be done according to your vehicle manufactures recommendations. Making certain that your vehicle gets a tune up inspection regularly can help keep your vehicles performance just like new.

Maintenance items not directly related to a tune should considered on a routine schedule.  An annual inspection provides a good opportunity to determine if the car’s mechanical systems, like the brakes, transmission fluid,  all other fluid and oil levels are up to specifications.

Note: on most new cars, platinum  spark plugs are installed that will not require frequent replacement. Platinum spark plugs are expected to last 60,000 to 100,000 miles on these vehicles. For all cars, it is to your advantage to review our cars recommended services guide to determine what maintenance is suggested throughout the life of your vehicle.

Yes, it still make sense to consider doing a TUNE UP inspection for your vehicle every year or two to insure the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer are functioning properly. When your engine is running properly you will experience peak combustion chamber efficiency, costing you less in the gas pump and ensuring your vehicle is giving off the absolute minimum quantity of emissions.

So to summarizxe… how do you know if your vehicle requires a Tune Up?

Look at your user guide. Tune up times will vary by vehicle.

When it’s time for a tune up inspection here’s what’s included:

* Tune-up diagnostic as needed

* Replace spark plugs

* Analysis of emission levels

* Timing/idle speed adjustment (if adjustable)

* Complete maintenance inspection of all mechanical systems.

All the parts we install at NAPA’s Premier Service Center will meet or exceed manufacturer standards, and if you want, we’ll return all your old parts for your inspection.

I hope this helps give you a basic understanding of what a Engine Tune Up is all about Marietta GA.

Happy motoring.

Fred Gagnon

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