Oil Change Coupon Marietta GA 30064

Oil Change Coupon Marietta GA

First Time Customers Get $20 OFF Oil Change at NAPA's Premier Service Center | Marietta GA

$20 OFF Oil Change Coupon Marietta GA… If your looking for an Oil Change in Marietta GA then you’ve come to the right place.  At NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair if you’re a “First Time Customer” you can get a $20 OFF Coupon to apply towards any service we offer.

Is your car’s maintenance light on?  Maybe the sticker on your windshield indicates that it is time or perhaps over time for a service?

Are you getting ready for a vacation trip?  An oil change and oil filter replacement is vital to the health of your car, so call us at NAPA’s Premeir Service Center today to schedule an appointment!

All auto engines contain hundreds of moving components.

All of these parts produce friction whenever they rub against each other and the friction, in turn, will cause significant amounts of heat throughout your engine.

To defend against all of this friction together with the associated heat, we add lubricating oil into the engine.

Your oil has a couple of important jobs inside the engine. One is to lessen the amount of friction by simply adding a coating of oil in between the actual moving pieces and the second is to help cool the parts of the motor as they circulates throughout the engine.

If there were no oil in your motor, the rotating parts would certainly produce so much heat that they would eventually melt together causing the actual motor to seize. When engine parts melt together, there will be little chance of getting them apart. So we should all certainly agree that the oil within your powerplant is essential.

But then why change the oil? Isn’t the oil that came with the vehicle good enough? The answer is simply no, and here is why…

Over period of time, oil breaks down. There are lots of factors that contribute to the break down of the oil in your motor, but heat is actually the most significant contributing factor.

In addition to the breakdown of the oil itself, there are also additives which are inside engine oil. These begin to break down and lose their particular usefulness over time.

There is also the concern of contamination. Very small bits of dirt, as well as debris get inside your motor and make their way straight into the oil. All these tiny bits of debris make the oil a great deal less slick and a lot less effective at cushioning the moving parts of the engine.

So, how frequently should you actually change the oil?

Nearly all technicians advise that you get an oil change every 3000 miles for highest possible engine protection.

In order to avoid engine-killing sludge buildup, you need to pick the correct oil-change schedule, that is… either normal or severe.

Picking the right oil change interval will involve an honest evaluation of your driving habits.

Highway driving is easy on cars. Short trips and traffic are extremely hard on cars.

Whichever you do more will determines how many miles or months you can go between changes. Of course it’s your decision, but be realistic. If there’s doubt, use the severe service schedule.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s guide book for the recommendations for your own particular vehicle. Many manuals advocate an oil change each and every 7500 miles under certain light driving conditions. Make sure your driving meets those conditions before you make a decision.

Under Atlanta and Marietta driving conditions you should consider these as being “severe”.  It’s the stop and go that justifies the “severe” rating.  Under these type of conditions is just makes good sense to place your vehicle under the more stringent 3000 mile oil change interval.

I hope this information helps you to understand how to protect your vehicle with the right oil change interval for Marietta and Atlanta conditions.

And… don’t forget, if you’re a first time customer you can get a $20 OFF Oil Change Coupon | Marietta GA that you can apply towards your Oil Change or any other repair or maintenance service we offer.  Just say… I’m a “First Time Customer” to get your $20 OFF Coupon applied to your service.

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