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NAPA's Premier Service Center | Marietta GA |Maintenance & Repair ServicesWe at NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA we provide quality maintenance that is fast, accurate and economically priced compared to the dealerships.

It’s the best way to protect your investment, maintain your warranty, and ensure that you get top dollar re-sale.

Don’t take chances by taking your vehicle anywhere else. Get the “Expert Care Touch” with NAPA’s Premier Service Center.  Call: 770-428-2520

“You love your car…
You park at the far end of the lot.
You’ve got a little name you call it when you are alone.
It takes care of your family And…
You take care of your car the right way, the first time.
Head for NAPA’s Premier Service Center when the right way is the only way.”

Did You Know?

NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA approved Auto Repair Marietta GA does:Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty at NAPA's Premier Service Center Marietta Ga 30064 770-428-2520

  • Emission Testing and Repairs – rated by Georgia’s Clean Air “Repair Watch” as being better then 98% successful on repairs after just the first retest.
  • Computerized Laser 3D Wheel Alignments—suspension problems, tires, struts and shocks on cars and light trucks.
  • Brake Work of all kinds including cars, pick-up trucks, trailers and cargo box trucks and vans up to 2 tons.
  • Performance Problems, computer related problems, auto electrical problems, “check engine lights”.  We can even analyze gasoline exhaust emissions!  Electric locks and power windows, power seats and tilt steering wheels.
  • We Stress Maintenance.  Tune up with injection cleaning and carbon removal.  Transmission service with all the fluid replaced.  Regular oil changes with a good courtesy check.  Factory Maintenance Schedules.  We don’t want you to break down and have to be towed in.
  • Air Conditioning Service and repair.  We also retrofit the “Freon R-12” cars to the environmentally friendly “134A”.
  • NAPA’s Premier Service Center is a total support center for your vehicle.  All of our technicians are ASE certified and attend state of the art classes every year to stay current with your vehicles most recent technology.  It is our goal to serve you with the best people using the best equipment available.

Did you know?

Most engines are made to last 150,000 to 200,000 miles.

Regular maintenance is the key for getting all of the miles your vehicle can give.

Let one of our highly trained A.S.E. certified technicians protect your investment.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services outline preventative maintenance suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Following the outline of service will greatly improve your chance of not becoming inconvenienced by breakdowns and will ensure that you enjoy many years of trouble free service.

Here’s a brake down list of some of our most common maintenance services

  • Four Wheel Alignment:
    Recommended once a year or every 15K miles.  Set tire pressure; inspect all steering and suspension components for wear; set front toe-in, caster, camber & rear end toe-in with 3D Laser equipment.
  • Tire Rotation & Balance:NAPA's Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA 30064 770 -428-2520
    Recommended every 6-7.5K miles.  Rotate and balance all four tires.  This service prolongs the life of your tires and suspension.
  • Brake Service (Front or Rear):
    Remove and replace pads or shoes, resurface rotors and drums, inspect brake lines and components, test parking brake.
  • Brake Fluid Flush & Change:
    Recommended every 30K miles.  Flush worn fluid; inspect reservoir and cap; inspect lines and fittings; install new fluid.
  • Complete Cooling System Service:
    Check all hoses and belts; pressure test system; check heater, defroster and cooling fan operation; flush and recycle antifreeze; correct coolant mixture to 50/50 mixture; insure proper pH balance; check for leaks; road test vehicle.
  • Air Conditioner Service:
    A/C performance test; check system pressures; check condenser & radiator cooling fan operation; inspect all A/C components for wear, leaks and proper operation.  Freon or additional A/C oil extra.
  • Maintenance, Replace Spark Plugs:
    Replace spark plugs.  Check for engine fault codes and check idle and timing specifications.
  • Complete Automatic Transmission Service:
    Recommended every 30K miles.  Add flushing cleaner to transmission; attach flushing machine; completely flush all transmission components; replace all transmission fluid; add transmission conditioner; check for leaks; road test vehicle.
  • MotorVac Fuel Injection Carbon Cleaning:
    Recommended every 30K.  This service helps reduce emissions and improves drivability and fuel mileage.  Cleans Fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and intake system.
  • Power Steering fluid Service:
    Complete power steering fluid flush.  Inspect all components for wear, leaks and proper operation; fortify fluid with BG power steering conditioner.

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