Your Questions About Brake Service Near Me

George asks…

Just bought a car that is intended to be used on a track, it needs some love?

Any good stores that I can go to in the UK to buy parts, I don’t really like buying parts from the internet I like to have a look and buy them straight away. And I don’t mead places like Halfords for exhaust trims. I mean parts parts like big brakes, clutch, lowering springs etc.
Demon-tweeks it is then.


Demon-tweeks. They have a store in Wrexham, north Wales. If you are talking about travelling around the UK in general or areas near you. They do sell online and they will do everything you need. They even have a fitting service for some of the products. Just to give you an idea of what they sell, racing seats, steering wheels, lightweight pullys, cryogenic cooling systems, racewear – race suits, helmets etc, alloy wheels, tyres, lowering springs, suspension kits, custom made roll cages, strut braces, brake calipers, discs, pads, induction kits, dump valves, exhaust systems, hoses, tools for pretty much everything, switches, gauges, fire extinguishers, helmets, clutches, fly wheels, short shift kits, hand brakes, intercoolers, oil coolers, fuel tanks, nuts, bolts etc. They have 3 sections on their website, motorsport, performance and motorbike.

You mentioned that you don’t like to buy from the internet but these are a genuine company and if they have what you want it might be worth buying off the internet, bearing in mind they are located in Wales and they can deliver whatever you need. You can always call them if you are unsure about anything or take your car down there. You can request their catalogue for free and I find it easier to use than their website.

I hope this has helped.

Linda asks…

How do I find a good Mechanic?

Some say don’t trust repuation alone. BBB means nothing. ASE means nothing. And that it’s not possible to find someone you can trust. But tell me, how do I find a good mechanic?


I personally use word of mouth from my customers to their friends and family to gain more business. A good mechanic will be one that works out any problems with their customers so the customer is happy. I tell my customers up front about what to expect. I will not do work the customer does not need, but will do what is necessary for their and my safety at the same time. I one whom recently wanted me to check his engine timing for the engine ran faster than normal, and he wanted his brake booster changed for it was sucking air into it at all times. As soon as I check the booster I left the engine alone until I had changed the booster which solved the engine rev problem. Yet he told me he need the booster I found that the master cylinder had no rear brake pressure (which is a safety issue so even though I could not get a hold of him I changed it for him and told him why. So ask your friends and family whom they trust and why they trust them. Get details from them. Did they say that they though that they need a new this or that and found out it was like it only need a wire reconnected instead? This will help you see whom to trust. Another policy of mine is if the service tech does not want me near my car while they work on it then I find a different place. I have a place near me that will let me look and observe his work though he cannot let me help him ( insurance issue) while he performs the work. I have had several in the past that allowed me to help them with the work.

Chris asks…

Where can I find Front struts for a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?

I would like to buy new front struts, but I have never bought parts like these over the internet. What are some good, trusted sites where I could get these parts?

answers: has them. I’ve bought rears for my car. Plus brake drums, O2 sensors, serpentine belt. All major name brand, good price, free-quick shipping on $50 orders and they send me 10% codes every month. No problems with this site. When I call customer service they are very helpful. Located near Cleveland OH.

Joseph asks…

How to reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System on 07 Saturn Outlook?

How do I reset TPMS. All my tires are properly inflated but the light on my dashboard is a little annoying, if there is a way that I can reset it myself I would appreciate instructions.


I’ve checked your owners manual and on pages 436 and 437 it outlines the matching process for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

1. Set the parking brake.
2. Turn the ignition switch to ON with the
engine off.
3. Using the DIC, press the vehicle information
button until the PRESS V TO RELEARN
TIRE POSITIONS message displays. If your
vehicle does not have the DIC buttons,
press the trip odometer reset stem located on
the instrument panel cluster until the
4. If your vehicle has the DIC buttons, press the
set/reset button. The horn sounds twice to
indicate the TPMS receiver is ready, and the
displays. If your vehicle does not have the
DIC buttons, press and hold the trip odometer
reset stem until the horn chirps twice and
is displayed.
5. Start with the driver side front tire. The driver
side front turn signal lamp is on.
6. Remove the valve cap from the valve
stem. Activate the TPMS sensor by increasing
or decreasing the tire’s air pressure for
five seconds, or until a horn chirp sounds.
The horn chirp, which may take up to
30 seconds to sound, confirms that the sensor
identification code has been matched to this
tire and wheel position.
7. Proceed to the passenger side front tire. The
passenger side front turn signal lamp is on.
Repeat the procedure in Step 6.
8. Proceed to the passenger side rear tire. The
passenger side rear turn signal lamp is on.
Repeat the procedure in Step 6.
9. Proceed to the driver side rear tire. The driver
side rear turn signal lamp is on. Repeat the
procedure in Step 6. Instead of a single
horn chirp a double horn chirp signals the
TPMS sensor has been matched to this tire
and wheel position and the matching
process is no longer active.
10. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.
11. Set all four tires to the recommended air
pressure level as indicated on the Tire
and Loading Information label.
12. Put the valve caps back on the valve stems.
The spare tire does not have a TPMS sensor.
If you replace one of the road tires with the spare,
message displays on the DIC screen. This
message should go off once you re-install the
road tire containing the TPMS sensor.

If this does not work I would suggest getting it checked by your nearest servicing dealership. I hope that helps you.

Jeff Morris, GM Customer Service

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